List: The Most Incredible Animal Journeys!
June 19, 2009, 13:44
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JourneyHere’s a list of the 10 most bizarre animal journeys.. Hope you enjoy, and tell me what you think!


humpbackwhale10. The Humpback Whale
They hold the world record for the longest mammalian voyage. They spend their days eating tons of food in the warmer months of the year, come wintertime they swim 5,000 miles away to calm breeding grounds near Columbia and the Equator

freshwatereels9. Freshwater Eels
After hatching in the salty Sargasso Sea, the eels swim to freshwater rivers in the United Kingdom and the East Coast of North America. On the way, their kidneys adapt to the change in salinity. When it’s time to lay eggs, the eels and their kidneys will return to their beginnings.

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