NEWS: Mariah Carey’s first single is NOT “Obsessed”
August 16, 2009, 13:04
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MCHere’s a quote from with the important parts bolded:
“Mariah Carey—despite idiotic postings elsewhere—is gearing up for her big new CD release.
Mariah feels so strongly about “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” that she’s even re-hired the PR powerhouse that made her second-stage career such a success. She’s back with Cindi Berger of PMK HBH. It was Berger who made her “Emancipation of Mimi” the biggest hit of Mariah’s career. Smart move.
Of course, that means both Mariah and Whitney Houston are now being repped by the same PR company. PMK’s Kristen Foster is handling Whitney with my old pal, Jill Fritzo.
“Memoirs” was scheduled for an August 25th release, then moved to September 15th. Now it’s set for September 29th. If the regular Grammy deadline had been in place—September 30th—Mariah would have made it. But the unfortunate early deadline of August 31st cut her off. So she has some slack time to get “Memoirs” just right.
The first single from Mariah’s CD will not be “Obsessed”—that was just a summer trifle, and it was a lot of fun. The real first official single is said to be a powerhouse ballad along the lines of “Vision of Love.”

I know a lot of people who’ll be happy about the lead single being a powerhouse ballad.


SOTD: When I Saw You – Mariah Carey
July 8, 2009, 00:00
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mcSong: When I Saw You
Artist: Mariah Carey
Album: Daydream
In short: On of my all-time favorite Mariah songs, it’s such a shame she can’t sing like that anymore :(

When I Saw You – Mariah Carey [Download]


SpringJewelsThis is my favorite post to do, and the one that takes the longest time, so hopefully it’s your favorite to read :p

KickingHaroldGasoline – Kicking Harold [Download]
I’m not a big fan of rock, but this song definitely entered my Most Played playlist because of its brilliance. Perfect for blasting out the car when driving at night, immense experience!

LittleBootsNew In Town – Little Boots [Download]
Little Boots, the lesser Lady GaGa, this is her official first single, it’s catchy as hell and definitely a highlight in pop music so far this year.

MimiMiss You – Mariah Carey [Download]
I have no idea why I like this song too much, it’s very funky, need I mention that the intro is my favorite part? Get it.

katewalshGoldfish – Kate Walsh [Download]
I’ve previous mentioned Kate Walsh and how beautiful her voice is, this is one of the song that would make it or break it for you, it’s beyond beautiful.

KatI Lost You – Katharine McPhee [Download]
I have loved this girl’s voice ever since I saw her auditioning for American Idol, and this song perfectly showcases her voice over a thumping beat.

MJBEnough Cryin’ – Mary J. Blige [Download]
My favorite MJB song.

JasonYou In A Song – Jason Reeves [Download]
This is definitely one of the cutest love songs ever, recommended for each and all.

Song Of The Day
June 22, 2009, 00:00
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MimiSong: I Like It (Feat. Buccweet)
Artist: Mariah Carey
Album: Heat: The Duets
In short: This is one of the songs I have recently found, it’s from some mixtape or something, Mimi doesn’t sing in this song, but she only has a hook that’s bound to get stuck in your head for DAYS.

I Like It (Feat. Buccweet) – Mariah Carey [Download]

Song Of The Day
May 31, 2009, 15:22
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MCSong: Circles
Artist: Mariah Carey
Album: The Emancipation Of Mimi
In short: One of the best moments on Mimi. I wish she’d do more of this, and less of the “whisper register” that she’s now working on. I still hate the new album’s title and think it’s beyond silly, even for Mariah.

Circles – Mariah Carey [Download]

Guess Who’s answer
April 24, 2009, 04:29
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mimiMariah Carey

I Like It, You Don’t: I Wish You Well – Mariah Carey

emcOk this should be fun, i’ll make this an ongoing posting habit, under this “topic”, I’ll post songs that I like/love that nobody likes, and I always get teased for liking it. This first one that came to mind is Mariah Carey’s I Wish You Well. It’s one of my most heard songs on her album, I don’t care what anybody says, I love that song, and thinks it’s one of the better songs on the album! I’ve always hated the original cover, even though the picture is stunning, the colors, fonts, and overall styling was horrid, so I settled for this fanmade one, which looks way MUCH better than the original, anyways take a listen to the song.. if you want to:

I Wish You Well – Mariah Carey [Download]