nuLike: Fight For This Love – Cheryl Cole
September 8, 2009, 22:42
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CherylI’ve written about it here, but now the real thing has leaked, full HQ and all. To be honest I hated it at first, but it has tendency to stick in one’s mind, some 10 listens or so, I like it. Long story short, it’s a grower.
I hope she has better things up her sleeve. Get it girl.

Fight For This Love – Cheryl Cole [Download]


NuLike: Bad Boys (Feat. Flo-Rida) – Alexandra Burke
August 27, 2009, 00:12
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VampyLess than a year after winning the fifth series of the hit UK show The X Factor, Alexandra Burke is back on the scene with a blazing new tune. I will not talk much about the song, but all you need to know is that the song is a hard hitting uptempo number that features A LOT of sirens (sometimes annoying), and a clap along breakdown towards the end. Is it good though? Yes. Is it that good? No.

Bad Boys (Feat. Flo-Rida) – Alexandra Burke [Download]

Review: The Hardest Thing – Mica Paris
August 21, 2009, 04:10
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6450_102551322006_84073717006_2622971_6777678_nArtist: Mica Paris
Song: The Hardest Thing
Release date: August 17
Label: Rhythm Riders

Mica Paris, a name that has been circulating for a long while (22 years to be exact), her name has always come up whenever someone discusses the UK soul scene. I listened to many of her albums trying to understand what the fuss was all about, there were some few hits here and there, but I was still not fully drawn to her music, her voice however has always been exceptional. “The Hardest Thing” came out, and I had to listen to it and see how it fairs, to my surprise it blew me away. Paris channels her inner Chaka Khan on this retro-soul scorcher. The song has a sing-along chorus that’s bound to get stuck in your head for some time. After hearing this song I can honestly say that my appreciation for this UK gem has been fully actualized. Her latest album, the aptly titled Born Again sees her working with hit-maker Brian Rawling as well as having writing credits by UK crooner James Morrison.

The Hardest Thing – Mica Paris [Download]

Two new Sugababes’ songs
August 9, 2009, 14:04
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This is their second single, “About A Girl” produced by RedOne. The intro sounds like Gaga and the rest sounds more like Kat DeLuna. The song sounds really good live, and I can’t wait to hear the studio version. This has a very island-y and tropical feel to it!

This is another new song titled “Thank You For The Heartbreak” (I love the title), no idea who it’s produced by but it’s fits them perfectly. I can see myself leaning towards this one more so than the first two singles.

Overall, all of the new material sounds promising ad show a clear indication of their will to penetrate the US, but there’s nothing wrong with that and I really wish they can do so. The US lacks decent girl bands.

SOTD: Be Mine! – Robyn
August 9, 2009, 13:56
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robyn2_1Song: Be Mine!
Artist: Robyn
Album: Robyn
Genre: Pop
In short: If you have been following the Song Of The Day segment, you’d probably notice that we featured a Swedish singer not long ago (Erik Hassle), this time it’s Robyn, another Swedish import. Robyn’s self-tilted album was first released in 2005, it’s still one of the freshest sounding records, a true benchmark in Pop music.

Be Mine! (Album Version)
Be Mine! (Verschwende Deine Jugend Remix)
Be Mine! (Ballad Version)

nuLike: Never Leave You (Feat. Amelle) – Tinchy Stryder
August 4, 2009, 15:15
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Woah, woah, and I will never leave ya” is bound to get stuck in your head for the next few days after hearing the song, granted. Tinchy and Amelle are taking over the UK charts, currently at #1 in the midweeks and most likely still be #1 on Sunday when the chart gets published. This is Tinchy’s second #1 (I’m already assuming it is) from his debut album, which is no easy feat for a new artist. Amelle has always had a special place in my heart ever since she joined the Sugababes, and I’m very happy to see her first non-Sugababes project proven fruitful. I just hope this won’t boost her ego too much to leave the group, because frankly, I don’t think the group can survive a fourth line-up.

Never Leave You (Feat. Amelle) – Tinchy Stryder [Download]

Remixtation: In For The Kill – La Roux
July 29, 2009, 21:23
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LaRouxSkream’s Let Get Ravey Remix takes the song to another level, on it’s own. It takes off the punchy beats, and replaces them with an eerie music that suprisingly work well for the song. If you loved the original one but got bored of it, this is for you.

In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey) – La Roux [Download]