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ArabicI never did an arabic version of my GEMS! post, so thought “why not?”, since arabic music is getting better, and there are a lot of good releases this year, mixed with older tunes.

AnghamRahat Layali – Angham [Download]
Only recently I got into Angham’s music, the album Leih Sebtaha is perfect, start to end. Rahat Layali is my most played song of hers, it’s very lush and melodic, which represents Angham’s music very well.

RashidLe Etteshakka – Rashid AlMajed [Download]
This song is as old as pre ’95 i think, I remember my older brother listening to the song nonstop, which made me, eventually love the song.

YaraMaroom – Yara [Download]
Download this right now, it’s probably the catchiest arabic song this year. I was very surprised when I heard her album, and LOVED it, she’s truly one of the best non-Khaleejis who sang Khaleeji.

AhlamTawwik Fithait – Ahlam [Download]
Borrowing a little more than just the strings from Asalah’s Sawaha Galbi, Ahlam storms back to the music scene with one fire cracker, this is a hit in the making. Very well produced.

NajwaHakam ElQadhi – Najwa Karam [Download]
I love Najwa Karam, and what I love more than her, is classic Najwa. Although her music is great still, nothing can touch her older albums, circa 96-99.

NawalHathy Jideeda – Nawal [Download]
Mogul producer Saham (Asalah, Ahlam) lends his magic touch to Nawal, which results in this gem of a song. Although the overall result of their work is inferior to his work with both Asalah and Ahlam.

Obviously I can’t let this post go without posting something by Asalah, so I’m going to post three of my current favorite Asalah songs, one Khaleeji, and two Egyptian/Arabic. Tegdar Terooh is definitely a standout song given it wasn’t on any of her albums, it’s a Khaleeji song, so if you enjoy her Khaleeji albums, and want a little more before her next album (confirmed to be Khaleeji) comes out, get the song. Ah Min Aynah and Ba’a Tabeay are two great gems found on her latest album Nos Hala, both are feel-good songs that fill me with joy beyond all joy.
Tegdar Terooh
Ah Min Aynah
Ba’a Tabeay


YouTube: Lessa Fakir – Asalah
June 10, 2009, 17:44
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For all foreigners, who never heard of the name Umm Kulthum, she is the biggest icon the middle ease has ever seen. She’s egyptian, known for her jaw-dropping contralto range. In a nutshell; Big big vocals for long long hours. Visit her Wiki page to read more about her, there are some really interesting facts. Now back to the present, Asalah (featured more than once in here) is the middle east best vocalist (nowadays), she once said in an interview “People could criticize me about my looks, height, weight, but they can’t say a word about my voice. Whoever dislikes my voice should get his/her ear checked!” and I gotta say, I loved her more since. Anyways, back to the video, in here Asalah sings Umm Kulthum’s song a capella and adds her own style to it, I think she did a wonderful job. Sometimes I wonder, what would happen if she lived in Umm Kulthum’s generation..

nuLike: Asalah

AsalahI have been a moderate fan of Asalah’s for the past few years, but recently a “devoted/stan” of hers, every time I go back to an older album I find more and more great stuff, her material is always impeccable, she never overdo an album, with an average of 8-9 songs per album, it only leaves you wanting more. One of my recent discoveries was her smash hit album Hayati, possibly her best selling album (Thank you, Egypt), I used to like one song from the album “Aktar” and that was it, when rummaging through the album, I found it to be of ALL exceptionally great material. The single “Aktar” is a global smash hit, from the spanish guitar intro to the synths in the beginning to the egyptian beats under-layers, it’s the perfect blend for a pop hit, the song raised Asalah’s status beyond what it was in the country it was aimed for the most, Egypt. Did I mention that she looks just adorable in the video, casual’d down and all? Next, “Wehna Sawa” is an instant hit as well, blending Moroccan and Egyptian styles together, it goes to show how diverse this woman can be. I love that song. Last and definitely not least, “Wallah Ma Tehady” Now, then, this song here is my favorite of the whole album, the message it carries, the “aah’s” at the 2:00 minutes mark, and everything about this song is just PERFECT. All the other songs on the album are brilliant, get the album!

Wehna Sawa
Wallah Ma Tehady

Song Of The Day
April 27, 2009, 02:51
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asalahSong: Talabtek
Artist: Asalah
Album: Sawaha Galbi
In short: One of her best songs that never gets old. The vocals are immaculate and on a level of their own. Even if you’re not into arabic music, listen to her vocals, they would put the “R&B” divas to shame. I consider Asalah to be THE best arabic vocalist of our time. Her album Sawaha Galbi is her best selling album, even though it had little to no promotion and she didn’t shoot any of the songs. That is an achievement.

Talabtek – Asalah [Download]

Review: Ahlam’s “Hatha Ana”
March 23, 2009, 19:23
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02jpg1Ahlam’s 10th studio album, and her second with Rotana, proved to be a huge hit, fairing 100x better than the one before, which was a huge disappointment, being her worst album to date. The album opens with the infection first single “Wailik” which paves the way for a much heavier produced album, the instruments are all excellent, although some are better than others. “Asaak Bkhair” the second track is a reminiscent of her huge hit “Walla Ahtajik Ana“, it’s not as good, but it is a huge step forward her unaccounted forays into “slow-romantic” songs. Third track “Mabah Jideed” is a definite standout, it’s produced by Saham, who’s the “hot” producer of the Khalaji scene, this is definitely in my top 5 tracks. The album dulls but not for long on track 4, “Ana Tab’ee Ketha“, skip it to get to track #5 faster. The title-track, ‘Hatha Ana” is most certainly different she’s ever done, it was recorded in Prague with 85 violins, it’s the classiest thing she’s ever done, for international visitors, download it below. “Saddagt” is a real treat, it’s much better than what I expected, and it grows over time. “Tawwik Fithait“, which you can download below is my favorite “up-tempo” track on the album, it’s catchy, fresh, and very energetic, it’s everything Ahlam is known for. “Akhir AlAkhbar” composed by Kuwaiti composer Andullah AlGo’oud feels a bit gimmicky at first, but will most definitely grow on you after a few listens. “Shasaweelik” is a catchy mid-tempo song that has a great hook that would probably stick in your head all day. “Fikkoni Minnah” starts off to an indian-like beat and evoloved into an all-Khaliji “6ag6iga”, which never fails. “Ta’awadt ElJirah” has yet to impress me. “Ala Ya Shari ElFarga” is an Emarati/Bahraini themed song, it feels very traditional and therefor fun. “Nawee Tirooh” is my absolute favorite track of hers from all of her material circa ’97, it’s composed by Anwar Abdullah, who discovered Ahlam in the first place, whose Ahlam compositions as of late were a bit “Meh” (Nasi, Babihom Sidda..etc.) although I do love the latter. This song is not for everyone, I love it for it’s sheer effect on me, I have never been this captured by an arabic song in a really long while, it’s Ahlam pulling off her best Abdu. The album closes with the already-known “Awareekom Feeh“, she sang the hell out of this song in every concert, TV appearance..etc. It’s still fun to listen to though, it’s a fun track, nothing serious. This marks Ahlam’s best album since her ’97 “Kaif Artha?”. Very well done, Ahlam and thank you very much for making me fall in love with you, your music all over again. Definitely worth your 1.500 KDs.



Hatha Ana
Tawwik Fithait
Nawee Tirooh

Spotlight: Ahlam’s “Hatha Ana”
March 18, 2009, 22:12
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01jpg1Ahlam, the gulf’s biggest female star has just released her new album, “Hatha Ana” (This Is Me), today in Kuwait. I have heard it, and can confirm that it’s better than her last two (shitty) albums. She’s trying a lot of new things in the album, all of which result in a surprisingly good tunes. This is an album for the fans, and non-fans alike. Make sure to get out and buy it.

Song Of The Day
February 27, 2009, 11:53
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asalaSong: Rawweh Ou Rouh/Egrib Gireeb
Artist: Asalah
Album: Sawaha Galbi/Awgat
In short: Arabic music for today. Asalah is one of the middle east’s best vocalists, her voice depth is crazy. Those two songs were released on different albums, but one is the “antithesis” of the other. The first “Rawweh Ou Rouh” (Go Away) is of course a break-up song, but notice the instrumental and the melody, for it’s almost the same on the second song “Egrib Gireeb” (Come Closer), which of course is a “make-up” song, it was a smart move of hers to have them both sound alike for more impact. For almost a week I have been in a full-swing arabic music mood. Enjoy these songs, even if you’re not speaking the language.

Rawweh Ou Rouh
Egrib Gireeb