A Favorite: Still – Jennifer Lopez
May 6, 2009, 01:13
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jloI used to like this song waaay back, but never knew who sang it back then, a few weeks ago, a very dear friend of mine told me to download all of J. Lo’s albums, and so I did. I listened to this one, and it took me way back to.. younger times. So I would like to thank my friend who told me that I’m missing on “A LOT”. I love this song too much now.

Still – Jennifer Lopez [Download]


Song Of The Day
April 22, 2009, 12:19
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norah-jones-not-too-latejpgSong: Thinking About You
Artist: Norah Jones
Album: Not Too Late
In short: While I was listening to Rosie Thomas’ It Don’t Matter To The Sun, I remembered this song, because of the similar intros, therefor, I played it and was drawn into a Norah bliss.

Thinking About You – Norah Jones [Download]

A Favorite: Goodnight Moon – Shivaree
April 6, 2009, 02:08
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killbillI didn’t like this song at first, but as I watched the movie over and over again, I REALLY had no choice but to love it, it’s quite addictive, and catchy. You’ll be running all day humming “he followed me home… now gooodnight moon!”. Download it, having it in your collection is essential.

Goodnight Moon – Shivaree [Download]

A Favorite: Givin’ In – Siobhán Donaghy

dont_give_it_up_singlejpgSiobhán (pronounced Shi-von) is the first to leave the Sugababes, after only one album released, and I’m thankful she did, otherwise we wouldn’t have had the two brilliant albums of hers, especially her second, Ghosts. This is a B-Side to the album’s lead single “Don’t Give It Up”, I think it’s a beautiful song, with beautiful meaningful lyrics. It’s not for everyone, and it takes time to grow on you.

Givin’ In – Siobhán Donaghy [Download]

Song Of The Day
April 4, 2009, 04:06
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mozellaSong: You Wanted It
Artist: MoZella
Album: I Will
In short: One of my favorites, very calm, very fitting for this weather. I love the 2:35 mark.

You Wanted It – MoZella [Download]

Introducing: Alexis Grace
March 24, 2009, 23:42
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alxsjpgAlexis Grace, the latest outcast of AI, is still one of my favorite people to be on that show, her voice-type doesn’t come too often, so there was absolutely no reason for her to be booted at all, let alone this early, when people like Michael, and the blind guy are there, okay they can sing, but not half as good as Alexis. Don’t let her tiny frame fool you, for her voice is bigger than Aretha’s hat. Hare are three songs of hers to download, I absolutely love her rendition of each and every song she sang. I feel like the audience vote based on what the judges say, not who they think is best. Anyways, I babbled way too much. Alexis, you’re the best thing that happened to the show, the judges were stupid enough not to save you, and the voters are beyond stupid to not have voted for you.

Alexis Grace:
I Never Loved A Man
Dirty Diana

Song Of The Day
March 23, 2009, 16:47
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Song: Hypnotic Dancefloor
Artist: BoA
Album: BoA
In short:  You rarely hear anything but a big ballad as an album’s closer, not on BoA’s self-titled english debut. This song closes the brilliant album leaving you wanting MORE. The production, courtesy of Henrik Jonback, who produced most of the album, including Eat You Up, is crazy, that’s all I can say. If you liked anything by Bloodshy & Avant (Kylie’s Speakerphone, Britney’s Phonography, Radar, Toxic and Freakshow) you’ll love this guy! This song is infectious, just get it already. ps: the breakdown at 2:14 reminds me of Kylie’s Speakerphone.

Hypnotic Dancefloor – BoA [Download]