July 29, 2009, 16:51
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vol3Here’re volumes 1 and 2 if you’ve missed them.
Click on the movie’s name to get to its trailer.
My picks are: Shutter Island (A movie by Scorsese starring Leo DiCaprio), 2012, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Sorority Row, Sherlock Holmes, The Princess and the Frog, Precious, The Final Destination, Jennifer’s Body, The Collector, The Box and Brothers.


inglourious_basterds_ver6inglourious_basterds_ver7inglourious_basterds_ver15Inglorious  Basterds

woman_in_berlin_ver2A Woman In Berlin

white_on_riceWhite On Rice

veronika_decides_to_dieVeronika Decides To Die


time_travelers_wife_ver2The Time Traveler’s Wife


stripped_downStripped Down

sorority_rowSorority Row

shutter_islandShutter Island

sherlockholmes-3sherlockholmes-2sherlock_holmes_ver3Sherlock Holmes

saw_viSaw VI

rock_slydeRock Slyde

princess_and_the_frogThe Princess And The Frog

prince_of_persia_the_sands_of_timeThe Prince of Persia

precious_ver2Precious (The Oprah produced Mariah Carey movie)

ninja_assassinNinja Assassin

nightmare_on_elm_streetNightmare On Elm Street

jonah_hexJonah Hex

jennifers_body_ver2Jennifer’s Body

i_can_do_bad_all_by_myself_ver2I Can Do Bad All By Myself

girl_cut_in_two_ver3The Girl Cut In Two

final_destinationThe Final Destination


collectorThe Collector
district_nine_ver3District 9

cold_soulsCold Souls

christmas_carolA Christmas Carol


cabin_in_the_woodsThe Cabin In The Woods


box_ver2The Box

blue_tooth_virginThe Bluetooth Virgin


I Didn’t Know My Own Strength – Whitney Houston [New Single]

Whitney Houston - I Didnt Know My Own Strength (FanMade Single Cover) Made by MattI didn’t know what Whitney’s comeback single would exactly sound like, first I thought it will an epic ballad, then thought maybe she’s opting for something more uptempo, say.. a Darkchild track, and so on. When the song finally leaked, I listened to it thinking I’d hate it, but surprise, surprise, I don’t. It’s a ballad, but it’s a very light song, very easy on the ear, nothing too complicated, just her colossal voice accompanied by a piano. The song may not do as well as they’re hoping, but I know I like it, and that’s all the matters, right? yes? good.

I Didn’t Know My Own Strength – Whitney Houston [Download]

News: Christina Aguilera’s new single is READY!!

Christina fans, you ready for GREAT news? Ok here goes, @themixologistt on twitter is mixing Christina’s album, or single, he said on his twitter:

WOW! Christina Aguilera’s new single IS DONE! DAMN, IS TOTALLY FABULOUS! I can’t wait to see it riding to to
numbah one!

I listened Aguilera’s new song about a million times, DAMN, Tricky n Claude made an AWESOME job!

All I can say now is; GET READY, CHRISTINA WILL SHOCK YOU!!!!!!

He also wrote some lyrics that I think belong to the new single, the lyrics are “You lost me since the day that you could hear another heart beat“, why do I think they’re Christina’s you ask? because the lovely SiA wrote a few weeks ago that she wrote a song with Christina called “You Lost Me”.

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Moviedar: The Time Traveler’s Wife
June 20, 2009, 03:02
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I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for Rachel McAdams, ALWAYS. Ever since Mean Girls, then The Notebook, to Red Eye and finally The Lost Ones, she’s perfected each role, and all four were so very different from one another, so I’m always excited to see a movie with her in it, never hesitate, never ever! On my watchlist this year is Sherlock Holmes as well, because of her obviously. This movie will appeal most to fans of The Notebook, from the trailer it’s a tearjerker. The movie stars Eric Bana (Troy, Munich) as the time traveler. I recommend that you watch the trailer, it’s not to be missed.

Mario Galore
June 12, 2009, 22:21
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tn_565_3Recently at E3 Nintendo showcased two of their most promising titles, the sequel to the already Wii classic Mario Galaxy, and a revamp of their original Mario Bros. aptly titled New Super Mario Bros. Wii, here the two trailers, they both look INCREDIBLE!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Mario Galaxy 2

TV: The Cleveland Show
June 9, 2009, 16:33
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Cleveland (the black guy), from Family Guy is getting his own show, and this is the first full trailer for the upcoming show, looks hilarious. Best bits in the trailer are: “Goodbye chocolate people”, “What the hell? HE’s getting his own show??!”, “Aaah, a bear!!/Aaah a black man, see? it don’t feel so good, does it?”, the Jennifer Aniston bit, and Purple Rain. I can’t wait to watch this show!

Video: Why R U? – Amerie
June 9, 2009, 15:59
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Vodpod videos no longer available.
First of all, note that Amerie’s song titles include; Hate 2 Love U, That’s What U R, and Losing U. What’s up with that? I love the girl, but that needs to stop. Her new Def-Jam born single is titled (above) Why R U? (why not “Y R U?”), produced by The Buchanans, who do a wonderful job of copying Rich Harrison (who has been missing from the last album, and no word whether he contributed to the upcoming one). The video is average, nothing special. Amerie needs to get herself out of this genre, while it works for some it usually doesn’t for most. This song sounds like it could be found on any of her previous albums, it’s still good, but not fresh or intriguing. Her new album “In Love & War” is to be released in August, and marks Amerie’s first album on the Island Def Jam label. Executive producer of the album is LA Ried (Janet’s Discipline, and Mariah’s E=MC2).
Get the song below.

Why R U? – Amerie [Download]