A tad bit nocturnal


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Nice work o good luck
na7no ma3ak qalban wa qaliban.. :D ;*******

Comment by Abdullah Al Essa

Nice job on the web site! Will check back for sure.

-Bader aka

Comment by Bader Al-Munayes

informative.. and plus ur choices appeal to me.

Is Noctupad more than just entertainment?

Comment by L.R.643

Noctupad IS more than just entertainment, but it’s always entertaining, and I’m glad that my choices appeal to you :)

Comment by Fahad

i meant it in the sense of the composer behind the noctupad :)

Comment by L.R.643

one of my favorite blogs

Comment by Momentum

I very much thank you!! I’m more than happy that you’re now a regular visitor!

Comment by Fahad

Please can u post some of Maria Mena’s Songs ?
I was planing to tell u about this before.
Btw ur blog is great mashallah!
Thank u :p

Comment by ABE

Nice work Fhaid.

I know my comment is waaaay overdue, but you’ll forgive me.

Comment by Isaac

Fahaaaaad keep it up my boy :P

Comment by ilsul6ana

Hi there, really like your pad! Please have a look at this video clip for a new techno song “Kuwait” by dj dwaij (tarek al-duaij) we want everyone in Kuwait to know about it before National day!! So give it a look, send us your comments and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pass it on to your readers!!!

Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Elaine

Comment by elaine

Oops! missed pasting the link!!This is why I’ll never have my own blog!!!

thanks again!! Elaine

Comment by elaine

I miss your blog! Where art thou my friend? :(

Comment by Trixie

hey fhaid, where are you? Miss you =(

Comment by Jenny

I’m here, again :D

Comment by Fahad

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