Game: Bioshock Infinite
July 11, 2011, 02:26
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Before watching the video, I want you to remember all of your favorite shooters…. You did? Okay, now I want you to imagine them all as one big, epic giant… Good? Alright, now I want you to personify Bioshock: Infinite and imagine it wiping the floor with that epic giant, that’s how good this game looks. This 15 minute-long gameplay demo is better than all shooters combined. Words don’t cut it, watch the video to understand EXACTLY what I’m talking about. It’s the Avatar of video games.


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I already saw this I can’t wait for it to come out!

Good to see you up and running again :)

Comment by Chuknum

It looks beyond awesome! Thanks for dropping by!

Comment by Fahad

The original Bioshock and the Portal series are among my favorite games of all time. They both were out of the norm, out of the goddamn ordinary box, and they invented and reinvented so much in this tiring genre. Portal 2 exceeded Portal 1, in my opinion, and is currently my favorite shooter of all time. I’m definite Infinite will do it and (hopefully!) surpass the original. Ken Levine is a living legend and he never does wrong.

Though Bioshock 2 wasn’t Levine’s, I got it this past week and planning to play it soon. No wrong in extending on the original’s premise, even if it isn’t a direct sequel original.

Comment by Mohammad (مُحمّد)

Portal I never played, but Bioshock has always left me wanting more and in awe. I still didn’t play 2, planning to do so in the very near future, if only to hold me off until Infinite is released! Have you seen how epic it looks? It’s otherworldly!

Comment by Fahad

You should really try portal out. its something else. you know when you get bored from like a certain 1st player shooting game or like a sports game or so. you hit that other game that will get you into this new genre. some may call it puzzle or maze. I dont think there is a certain name for Portal’s genre. try it out..

Comment by O

I will, I saw some gameplay footage, it looks really good!

Comment by Fahad

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