Moviedar: Christopher Nolan’s Inception

The genius director behind The Dark Knight brings you this epic sci-fi that is set to shake you up. The trailer looks more than promising, one of the best teasers I’ve seen in a long while. The music is LEGENDARY, keeps you on the edge of your bed.
Inception, out summer of 2010 stars Leo DiCaprio and the ever so lovely Marion Cotillard.


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Comment by Mohd


Comment by Fahad

Such a teaser! I wanna know what its about!

Comment by 7aneen

I agree, one of the best “teasers”. It teases too well.

Comment by Fahad

LOVE the music!!

Comment by Milfa3

Thanks for the heads up :*

Comment by Fahad

Leo’s just brilliant. I have faith in his movie choices so I’ll watch this regardless.

The trailer’s badass. The scene in the elevator hallway is just legen..dary. =O

Comment by suspic

Check Shutter Island’s trailer (somewhere down the posts). A Scorsese movie starring Leo.

Comment by Fahad

Catchy, extremely catchy !

Comment by Maryam

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