Neurosis: The iTunes Complex
August 21, 2009, 17:16
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Picture 2Us music lovers differ on our complexes, some can’t enjoy a song without having all of the album, some just can’t listen to anything that has a Bit Rate quality less than 192 Kbps, some refuses to add a song to their library when its artwork is unavailable…etc. and the list goes on. I can happily/sadly say that I have all of these symptoms. I can’t enjoy a certain song if I couldn’t find an artwork (this is more common with arabic songs than english ones), and sometimes I end up either deleting the song, or creating an artwork with our lovely friend Photoshop. Anything below 192 kbps is noise to my ears, granted there are some songs that are -128 kbps somewhere in my library, but most of them are from the Kazaa age. I don’t know if there are other people who suffer the same complex. I’ll leave you with snapshots of my loving library.

I had to look for an HQ artwork everywhere only to find it on the iTunes store!

I had to look for an HQ artwork everywhere only to find it on the iTunes store!

I had to photoshop out many "rights reserved" marks and www's

I had to photoshop out many "rights reserved" marks and www's with this guy!

A 320 kbps Bit Rate is a turn on.

A 320 kbps Bit Rate is a turn on.


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only you , but you kind of rubbed that one me too lol :p

Comment by G

Bo, you know your including me in that list fo sho !

shoof, i really enjoy taking music from you, i get the full option/cocktail treatment, speaking of cocktails, iTunes is hooking the hookers with hook bait. In other words, they will provide everything you need when you, GET THIS, buy music from their store, now you and I know WE r going to do that arent we ?

Comment by Abdullah

hehehe Im the same, but if I didn’t find the artwork, I’d just put the artist’s photo and write on it his/her name instead :P

Comment by Maryam

some like to organize everything “last name, first name,” which is a bitch to do…

Comment by loft965

Yeah I noticed that, I remember downloading one of your compilations and it had I forgot who it was, I think Tori Amos as “Amos, Tori” I was weirded but it does make sense.

Comment by Fahad

I felt like you talking about me lol! And I am facing this always since I am an Arbic music fan but I can mange it always to get the covers I need! Btw is that you library? It’s really awesome! Take care

Comment by Mohamed

Yes it is my library, thank you very much! It’s something most of my friends hate about me lol.

Comment by Fahad

how come! this reflects that you are a recognized person!

Comment by Mohamed

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