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July 29, 2009, 22:24
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IMG00765-20090705-1006Are you a Viva user? Zain? Wataniya? well, for the latter two it wouldn’t be of much difference since you can pay online. But our dear Viva (my internet provider) doesn’t offer online payment, so you’d have to go to one of their branches to pay. Imagine my surprise when I was walking in our university (KU) and I find this machine. It’s been there for ages, but I never cared to see what it does. Anyways, here’s a picture (below) that shows brand options, from Zain to CashU.
IMG00764-20090705-1006It’s cool isn’t it? I don’t have to go their branch to pay my bills. It’ll do until they launch their online payment service.


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Soo cool !!
This is really efficient, hope they put them across Kuwait soon!

Comment by Milfa3

ahlaan ahalaan :)

tara i pay my VIVA bill online :P u can do that..

Comment by ilsul6ana

9ij? min mita? akhir marra I wanted to pay makan ako :/

Comment by Fahad

ee wallah log on lama td5al ur account telga pay bills, oo elly ba3ad ewanis eb VIVA u can see a detailed bill statement, ya3ni the numbers ur calling oo msgs oo chethi..i love there online site!

Comment by ilsul6ana

its a stupid machine, and it works like a thief. and no one answers the service centre no. 1806006,
I think this machines should be removed from the market.

Comment by aziz

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