Review: Brownies Delight
July 3, 2009, 20:42
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BrowniesI was going through my list of local blogs and found some of them (iLSuL6aNa, and Blushberry) posted about Brownies Delight, with the latter saying they’re the best and encouraging people to try them, so I did. What’s it like? It’s not good, but it’s not bad as well. I ordered them with very high expectations, and I was impressed with the packaging quality, it’s very neatly done, and very fresh when it arrived, but I was let down when I got to try them, they’re a bit dry and spongy. The best brownies in Kuwait are the ones from Choowy Goowy, Chocolate Bar (not all time, but they’re a hit sometimes) and Crumbs, although both of them aren’t THAT good. I have yet to have a tasty brownie in Kuwait, other than home made ones. I wouldn’t say don’t try it, but I won’t recommend it as well.




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wazeen il sul6ana bss :P brownies aside yahahahaaa

Comment by ilsul6ana

ib hathy, ana attefiq ma3ach 100% :p

Comment by Fahad

yahahhaaaa a5jaltyyyyyy :P

Comment by ilsul6ana

They look if u don’t recommend em=\
Ur right about choowy goowy=)

Comment by Charmbracelet..N~

They’re not bad, but they’re not brownies, they’re more like Chocolate Cakes.

Comment by Fahad

hmm i dont agree with u cuz ana thaygeta 3ogob ma garetah bil q8i blogs it was: 7ada 7ada 7ada latheeth bel3ax, maybe what u received kanaw m5alenah bil firin akthar mn illazim cuz ana yani not dry at all! it was perfect so yummy!!

Comment by nosa

ana theqtaa waaayeeed latheeth mn a7la elbrownies ely thqtaaa tarf wayeed w na6ee3 9ara7aa

Comment by shosho

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