Arabic GEMS

ArabicI never did an arabic version of my GEMS! post, so thought “why not?”, since arabic music is getting better, and there are a lot of good releases this year, mixed with older tunes.

AnghamRahat Layali – Angham [Download]
Only recently I got into Angham’s music, the album Leih Sebtaha is perfect, start to end. Rahat Layali is my most played song of hers, it’s very lush and melodic, which represents Angham’s music very well.

RashidLe Etteshakka – Rashid AlMajed [Download]
This song is as old as pre ’95 i think, I remember my older brother listening to the song nonstop, which made me, eventually love the song.

YaraMaroom – Yara [Download]
Download this right now, it’s probably the catchiest arabic song this year. I was very surprised when I heard her album, and LOVED it, she’s truly one of the best non-Khaleejis who sang Khaleeji.

AhlamTawwik Fithait – Ahlam [Download]
Borrowing a little more than just the strings from Asalah’s Sawaha Galbi, Ahlam storms back to the music scene with one fire cracker, this is a hit in the making. Very well produced.

NajwaHakam ElQadhi – Najwa Karam [Download]
I love Najwa Karam, and what I love more than her, is classic Najwa. Although her music is great still, nothing can touch her older albums, circa 96-99.

NawalHathy Jideeda – Nawal [Download]
Mogul producer Saham (Asalah, Ahlam) lends his magic touch to Nawal, which results in this gem of a song. Although the overall result of their work is inferior to his work with both Asalah and Ahlam.

Obviously I can’t let this post go without posting something by Asalah, so I’m going to post three of my current favorite Asalah songs, one Khaleeji, and two Egyptian/Arabic. Tegdar Terooh is definitely a standout song given it wasn’t on any of her albums, it’s a Khaleeji song, so if you enjoy her Khaleeji albums, and want a little more before her next album (confirmed to be Khaleeji) comes out, get the song. Ah Min Aynah and Ba’a Tabeay are two great gems found on her latest album Nos Hala, both are feel-good songs that fill me with joy beyond all joy.
Tegdar Terooh
Ah Min Aynah
Ba’a Tabeay


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Asalah Asalah Asalah ! It’s hard to describe this woman’s voice !
It’s simply angelic !

Comment by Maryam

I can listen to Asalah just talk, w still tdakhilnee ib jaw :p walla a7ibha!

Comment by Fahad

Wanaaaasa!! Nice decision to include Arabic songs in ur Gems post!!

YARA!!!!!!!!!! Her new albums waayd fe aqanee 7ilwa o Ma Room is one of them! alla i wana listen to it now!
A7lam il7ob ilawal wila5eer! Ham her new alboom wayd fe amazing songs, Tawik Ftheit is a gr8 choice to highlight!!
I LOVE that song by Nawal, the words r just perfect throughout!!!
Najwa ma3indy kalam to explain my love for her! Ay song u’ll include is a gem!
A9ala! Cant wait for her new album!!!!!

Comment by Milfa3

Yara did a great khaliji album this year waaayd 7aboha akthar o 7ata her other album 7ilo
Angham lazim etsawi shay khaliji ma sima3t her alum il yedeed bs I guessing ina ma fee ay khaliji song
Asalah ‘3ani 3anha il ta3reef akhir 5 or 6 albumat kanaw HIT!
Ahlam kharita akhir 2 albums bs akher wa7ed is not bad o mo top!
Nawal I like her. her songs makes me sleepy (milfa3) ;p
il baji ma asma3 lehum bs 3indhum cham new/old albums aw songs that I like wayd
6ab3an I really can’t wait for Asalah’s new KHALIJI album yanzil o inshallah she won’t stop singing!!!

Comment by ABE

LOOL ANGHAM WAS such a CHOLA on that cover :P LOVE ALL recommendations

Comment by Mohd

I LOVE all the songs !! amaazing.. you still didnt send me asalas lyrics :(

Comment by G

I think u started with ward w u ended with Misk :)

Comment by AzizoOo

I agreeeeee!!

Comment by Fahad

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