SpringJewelsThis is my favorite post to do, and the one that takes the longest time, so hopefully it’s your favorite to read :p

KickingHaroldGasoline – Kicking Harold [Download]
I’m not a big fan of rock, but this song definitely entered my Most Played playlist because of its brilliance. Perfect for blasting out the car when driving at night, immense experience!

LittleBootsNew In Town – Little Boots [Download]
Little Boots, the lesser Lady GaGa, this is her official first single, it’s catchy as hell and definitely a highlight in pop music so far this year.

MimiMiss You – Mariah Carey [Download]
I have no idea why I like this song too much, it’s very funky, need I mention that the intro is my favorite part? Get it.

katewalshGoldfish – Kate Walsh [Download]
I’ve previous mentioned Kate Walsh and how beautiful her voice is, this is one of the song that would make it or break it for you, it’s beyond beautiful.

KatI Lost You – Katharine McPhee [Download]
I have loved this girl’s voice ever since I saw her auditioning for American Idol, and this song perfectly showcases her voice over a thumping beat.

MJBEnough Cryin’ – Mary J. Blige [Download]
My favorite MJB song.

JasonYou In A Song – Jason Reeves [Download]
This is definitely one of the cutest love songs ever, recommended for each and all.


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Nice loved ur pick of songs!! GoodStuff :D

Comment by FF0

hehe thanks, glad you did, and thanks for visiting :D

Comment by Fahad

It is my favorite post cuz it’s more than a song to download lol :p
ya36eek il 3afya nice choices :D

Comment by ABE

Eee fill up your itunes :p

alla y3afeek ;)

Comment by Fahad

I love Gems!!

Comment by Isabel

Isabel!!! Where’ve you been? You’re missed :p

Comment by Fahad

one of my fav posts! keep them coming !!

Comment by G

hehe inshalla!

Comment by Fahad

LOVE ur Gems posts !
The songs are brilliant !

Comment by Maryam

Glad you liked them ;)

Which is you favorite?

Comment by Fahad

You In A Song !
LOVE it, 3alagt 3alaiha actually :P

Comment by Maryam

i LOVE MC!!!

2 more months yaaay!!

Comment by Milfa3

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