List: 7 Shocking Snake Facts
June 21, 2009, 00:03
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Python_regius-coffee_001Here are 7 facts about snakes that should make you.. feel more comfortable around snakes now that you know them.

7. Snakes go months without food, and STILL GROW!

6. World’s smallest snake could curl up on a quarter (of a dollar).

5. Cobra’s aim for your eyes.

4. Pythons eat entire prey, BONES AND ALL.

3. Paradise tree snakes can fly (glide) up to 50 feet!

2. Snakes eat their offsprings.. freaks!

1. A snake can eat a longer snake!!!

PS: This goes to Abdullah of p0ach ;)


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THANK YOU FAHAD !!! AWWWWW YOU MELT MY SSSssssssssssOaring heart !

Comment by Abdullah

Anytime ;) looool

Comment by Fahad

LOL paradise tree snakes sound creepy as hell

Comment by Z

LOL they are!! They glide min tree lai tree by making their body S shaped bil hawa to accelerate airborne lol!!

Comment by Fahad

creeeepy,ukh i hate snakes!!

Comment by G

They’re cute :(

Comment by Fahad

now they fly!! ma3alaih as long as brai39i’s dnt fly life is still good :p

Comment by Shwaish

They don’t really fly, the “glide” 3ala golat-hom, they use branches to acquire airborne (by pressure :p)

Comment by Fahad

hehehehehe god 7asait they catapult min il branches

Comment by Shwaish

EE!! Freaky :/

Comment by Fahad

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