Zain Create: The Middle Eastern iTunes?
June 20, 2009, 00:04
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ZainCreateOk so here’s the low down, we’ve all seen the annoying ads where the tiny skinny guy pops up in video clips of Elissa, Asalah..etc. (Rotana artist..).
I didn’t know what it was exactly, and thought it was a service where you send a message to a number and receive a ringtone. I was wrong.
It’s a website, similar to iTunes (except it’s not an application) where you can preview and purchase music content by most Rotana artists. It’s in its infant/baby stages, and hopefully the best is yet to come. Prices? To purchase a single song, it’ll cost you 300 fils, and a full album is 1.400 KD (as opposed to the 1.500 KD physical copy, booklet and all). I think it’s a tiny bit overpriced, they should cut it to atleast 1 KD, since getting the content for free is a click away. The price gap between the actual and virtual copy should be well more than 100 fils. Why Zain Create? well, apparently they signed a deal with Rotana to have exclusive material which is not available elsewhere. Selected songs from yet-to-be released album are for sale at 500 fils a track, and that’s their “competitive advantage”. There will also be a music video download option available sometime later this year. Other features include live streaming of radio channels and Rotana channels through your laptop.
It’s a nice step towards broadening and connecting people of the middle east through the latest in the music world (even though it’s not yet available for all of the middle east). I personally can’t wait to see what’s next!


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ta6awor ya7lailhum ma ga9eraw.

Comment by Z

Yeah, bs they need more work, they’re definitely on the right path though

Comment by Fahad

I’ve tried it before, I must admit it was a really nice easy to use site !
So I guess this is the Arabian Version of iTunes which basically makes it complete for us ! The english, western songs will be from iTunes and the Arabic ones from Zain’s Create !

Comment by Maryam

True, thank you very much for your contributing ;)

Comment by Fahad

Very good idea, and great step forward to encourage ppl to do things legally!
Itha they start doing the exclusive and early releases of upcoming albums i thnk it will b a success!

Comment by Milfa3

They already did that, not full albums, but few songs from Angham’s new album..

Comment by Fahad

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