Change Is Gonna Come

SCHOOL BUS 2.jpgA few days ago, it hit me like a big yellow school bus, that this blog is MINE. I was keeping it for music/movies/tv strictly (well, almost), but there’s nothing that tells me that it’s all I should write about it. It’s my space, my place, I can write about anything I want, so therefor, forget the mostly-music orientation of the blog, and be ready to see much more. Of course music will still be dominant, because it is my passion after all, but there’s going to be more other exciting beginnings, and no endings to any of the posts you’re used to, and love.

For the heck of it:
Change Is Gonna Come – Aretha Franklin [Download]


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Yeah you tell ’em! Hehe, i think its better that ur broadening your blog topics ;D

Comment by zunoq8

Thanks ;) btw, I sent you an email on your blogmail, asking you about which name do you prefer for the blogroll; zunoq8 or 5wara..

I went with 5wara :p

Comment by Fahad

Love the new design and can’t wait for the next GUESS WHO! post ;p
ya36eek il 3afya o bil tawfeej :)

Comment by ABE

Ee inshalla ako, check in at midnight inshalla either today or tomorrow, to be the first to comment :p

Comment by Fahad

Wish you all the best , goodluck:*

p.s love the new layout.

Comment by G

hehe thank you ;*

Comment by Fahad

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