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AsalahI have been a moderate fan of Asalah’s for the past few years, but recently a “devoted/stan” of hers, every time I go back to an older album I find more and more great stuff, her material is always impeccable, she never overdo an album, with an average of 8-9 songs per album, it only leaves you wanting more. One of my recent discoveries was her smash hit album Hayati, possibly her best selling album (Thank you, Egypt), I used to like one song from the album “Aktar” and that was it, when rummaging through the album, I found it to be of ALL exceptionally great material. The single “Aktar” is a global smash hit, from the spanish guitar intro to the synths in the beginning to the egyptian beats under-layers, it’s the perfect blend for a pop hit, the song raised Asalah’s status beyond what it was in the country it was aimed for the most, Egypt. Did I mention that she looks just adorable in the video, casual’d down and all? Next, “Wehna Sawa” is an instant hit as well, blending Moroccan and Egyptian styles together, it goes to show how diverse this woman can be. I love that song. Last and definitely not least, “Wallah Ma Tehady” Now, then, this song here is my favorite of the whole album, the message it carries, the “aah’s” at the 2:00 minutes mark, and everything about this song is just PERFECT. All the other songs on the album are brilliant, get the album!

Wehna Sawa
Wallah Ma Tehady


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Hello Fahad,
im one of the members of AAG injaz M.I.C. (metal inovation company) were a team that recycles metal and we melt them to make bracelets..we are holding a summer carnival at the Scientific Center on June,6,2009 and thats a saturday..from 12-9.

everyone is welcome
Thankyou for your time

Comment by M.I.C.

i LOVE aktaar and wa7na sawa!!
although i do prefer her 5aleeji albums!

Comment by Milfa3

yeah yeah yeah asalah asalah asalah !!! we want guess who post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lool kidding. thanks for introducing the last song to me:P

Comment by 3amoor Q

LOOOOL!! 3amoor akthar wa7ed i7in 3ala guess who! ;p
ana agool khal 3amoor esaweeha hal marrah :D

Comment by ABE

I like each track in this album.. Asala is a number one

Comment by AzizoOo

She’s definitely ze number one :p

Comment by Fahad

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