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Hey, sorry for the slow updates, but it’s exams time, so please bare with me, for the time being, get this:

yaminI’ve been a fan of Yamin since the release of his first single, I didn’t know he was on idol when I first heard the song, because I haven’t bothered to watch the season he was in. Anyways, here are two songs from his new album that were “instant” to me upon first listen. The first “Apart From Me”  is my favorite, it’s catchy and everything I wanted from him. I can see myself playing this song to death and getting bored of it two months in. The second “Know Better” is another standout track, his whole album is great, but those two stood out the most, enjoy them.

Elliott Yamin:
Apart From Me
Know Better

cmWho doesn’t love that cute girl from the songs “Like A Dream” and “Be Ok”? Well, she done grow up, and the new look matches the sound! The sound is more urban, more upbeat, but I have to admit that I liked her previous album more because of its “authenticity” I guess. Anyways, here are two songs as well, the first “Blame It On Me”, the album’s big ballad. It’s one of the finest ballads this year. Her voice is not the best, granted, but she works what she got!

Chrisette Michele:
Blame It On Me
Another One

dramaAn old friend of mine introduced me to the band with the songs Dirty Laundry and Bittersweet Faith, and then another friend of mine told me to download the theme song of “Lipstick Jungle” and when I looked it up, it was non other than Bitter:Sweet. The song is taken from their latest album “Drama”. The song is lovely, and very breezy.

The Bomb


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LOVE ALL THE LIST specially The Boom!
Thanks :)

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