List: Soundtrack, vol.2

music-notesjpgA continuum to this post.

ciEvery You Every Me – Placebo [Download]
Taken from the soundtrack of Cruel Intentions is one of my favorite songs of Placebo, a band that I have yet to fully discover their music. I love this bit:
“Like the naked leads the blind
I know I’m selfish I’m unkind
Sucker love I always find
Someone to bruise and leave behind”

deathproofChick Habit – April March [Download]
One of my all-time fave soundtrack songs! I always wait for Tarantino soundtrack, he’s the best. It’s only 2 minutes 7 seconds. I won’t say anything other than DOWNLOAD IT.

sm3Falling Star – Jet [Download]
Taken from Spider-Man 3, I immediatly fell in love with it even though it’s not my usual “cup of tea”.

dirFever – A Fine Frenzy [Download]
I looked up, down, left, right, and around for this song back then. I love the original, and I love Alison.

chicagoFunny Honey – Renée Zellweger [Download]
From the unparalleled musical Chicago, which I still think is the best movie musical. I wasn’t too keen on the song when I first watched the movie, but it has grown on me tremendously.

dreamgirlsMove – Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé & Anika Noni Rose [Download]
I featured Heavy before, and now Move. I love Hudson’s powerful voice on the song, plus it’s always nice to hear Beyonce only in the background, makes me think how papa knowles felt.

happyfeetHit Me Up – Gia Farrell [Download]
Happy Feet’s movie single. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, I used to like it a lot when it first came out, it’s still special to me.

ptYou Belong To Me – Rose McGowan [Download]
Who knew Rose had a beautiful sultry voice? I love the lyrics.

dogmaStill – Alanis Morissette [Download]
From the movie Dogma (lol). It’s not my favorite Alanis soundtrack song but I featured my favorite many times ago (Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)) so it’s time for something new, it’s classic Alanis.

spiritFalling In Love Again (Can’t Help It) – Christina Aguilera [Download]
Best for last, this is one of Christina’s most sultry songs, not so much in the lyrics as much as the way she sings and the music. It’s 8 minutes long, it’s an established classic in MY book.

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Soundtrack for Chicago 3ajeeb. I really liked it when it came out.

Comment by MC

The whole soundtrack for Dreamgirls and Chicago is amazing!!!! If you chose any other song from the albums it would still be a great choice!!
Plus i like Christina’s song! And i wana watch the movie :(

Comment by Milfa3

MC: I totally agree. My first two choices were All That Jazz and Cell Block Tango, but they’re known to more people than Funny Honey, which I think it brilliant.

Milfa3: Yeah the Dreamgirls soundtrack is really good, I didn’t know which songs to choose because there are too many. Yeah The Spirit’s song is perfect, it’s very.. I don’t know how to describe it! The movie looks promising but the reviews are all bad (I know you hate reviews and critics :p)

Comment by Fahad

I was wondering when you were going to post Christinas Falling IN Love Again ! Brilliant selection of songs,Thanks! :)

Comment by Ghalia

rose mcgowan’s song is really nice!

Comment by Z

G: It’s inevitable that I post it! Thanks for passing by ;)

Z: Glad you like it! Listen to April March’s song from vol.1, you’ll like it me thinks.

Comment by Fahad

Nice Post!
placebo rocks!!

Comment by jonzz

Great list! A few years ago, I was really into PLacebo, you shoud check them out.
Like other posters said, the Dreamgirls O.S.T. is brilliant! I have yet to watch Chicago, but it’s def. on my list.
Rose McGowan’s voice is really amazing thanks for posting the song && Hit me up is such a guilty pleasure, it’s so much fun. ^^

Comment by Jenny

“identify” by natalie imbruglia from the STIGMATA soundtrack u’ll lovee it

Comment by Mohd

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