Review: Harper’s Island
April 13, 2009, 01:52
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A pretty neat new show to keep you occupied until the big ones return. It’s a show about a couple going to an island with their families to wed there, but someone is killing people, so they seclude the island, keeping everyone there, including the killer. I’m guessing each episode will unravel more about the killer, and open up more subplots. The pilot kept my eyes fixed on the screen, and my mind triggering. Those who like the “crime/dramedy/thriller/horror” genres, they’ll most definitely enjoy this one. Totally worth your time, give it a shot.




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it would be better if it was a movie not a tv show!!!

Comment by 3amoor Q

i can’t wait to watch it!

Comment by G

Loved it! Cant wait for more eps and to finally discover who the killer is!

Comment by Milfa3

waayd ethakirni eb Lost I know farg bs ma adri laish!!!

Comment by ABE

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