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April 13, 2009, 01:44
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Here’re three new songs that I’m really enjoying and playing a lot to the point of annoying myself at time, really. Here goes:

ndStand And Deliver -No Doubt [Download]
A cover of and old song of the same title, it has an infectious military-like intro that’ll keep you replaying it. The way Gwen sings has been missed, a reminiscent of an older, more original No Doubt. It’s not their first single, it’s just a song to whet your appetite.

bailaloDance Bailalo – Kat DeLuna [Download]
It samples the Sergio Mendez’s “Magalenha” and adds to it the usual Kat DeLuna “summer” sound 110%. I can now confirm that summer is officially here. Her music is very sunny/summer/beachy, I have no idea why.

royThe Girl And The Robot (Feat. Robyn) – Röyksopp [Download]
I saved the best for last, let me just say one thing; that song has been playing nonstop for the past two days, iTunes playcount stands at 48 so far. It made me realize how much I really missed Robyn. Granted, she doesn’t possess one of the biggest vocal chops, but that girl has a special tone to her voice that no one could imitate.  It’s also important for you all to know that Annie’s Anthonio (found below) is with them on this list, so do check it out.


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omg, thank you s much for posting the Röyksopp song, it’s playing non-stop on iTunes *gaaah* Although I don’t really like the other 2 this one is epic.

Comment by Jenny

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