The cutest kid on earth? Part Deux
April 4, 2009, 05:33
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Vodpod videos no longer available.
isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? The way she says crocodile will melt your black hearts.. hehe!


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omg i hate kids ALOT but hathi cutehaaaaaaaa hehehe hippo is allergic to magic :p kids are dumb

Comment by Shwaish

How could you hate kids? Come on! Ee hathy is beyond cute :p

Comment by Fahad

Adorable! Kids can be so entertaining when they say the most random things!

Comment by

Yes they do say the most random things ever, and it’s so cute to observe.

Thank you for passing by :D

Comment by Fahad

tshaaaaaweg zooo’3a!!! shno hathi !!wedi a3arif what was she thinking about wallah she didn’t make any sense!!!! 7adaha cuuuuuuute ;)

Comment by DaLaL

She doesn’t make any sense KELLISH! but I watch the video for three words, Crocodile, Hippopotami, and Giraffe :p

I never heard anyone say them any cuter :p

Comment by Fahad

eee her mouth when she says those words madre shiseeer feeh !!whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay wallla mal 3aaaaaath jk :P LOOL

Comment by DaLaL

7adha mal 3ath, wajba kamla a9lan :p

Comment by Fahad

ashfe6 7aljhaaa wiyaa sa3abeeeelhaaaa.. ilkalbaa!!!!

Comment by Miznah

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