I Like It, You Don’t: I Wish You Well – Mariah Carey

emcOk this should be fun, i’ll make this an ongoing posting habit, under this “topic”, I’ll post songs that I like/love that nobody likes, and I always get teased for liking it. This first one that came to mind is Mariah Carey’s I Wish You Well. It’s one of my most heard songs on her album, I don’t care what anybody says, I love that song, and thinks it’s one of the better songs on the album! I’ve always hated the original cover, even though the picture is stunning, the colors, fonts, and overall styling was horrid, so I settled for this fanmade one, which looks way MUCH better than the original, anyways take a listen to the song.. if you want to:

I Wish You Well – Mariah Carey [Download]


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I remember teasing you awal ma nizal il album that its my least fav song bil album but over time i’ve grown to liking it VERY much!!! I love the whole album now!!

Comment by Milfa3

i like it too, to me its “i wish you knew” pt.2

Comment by Mohd

Who hates this? It’s perfect. I like the original sleeve better. I hope she does more on the upcoming album like it.

Comment by loft965

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