blackdiamond1sz3jpgThis week’s GEMS! theme is Black GEMS! First thing you do, open all the download-able links in taps, download all, then read about the songs, thanks.

janetjacksonNasty – Janet Jackson [Download]
No, my first name ain’t baby, It’s Janet… Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty” enough said.

frRight Round (Feat. Ke$ha) – Flo Rida [Download]
Okay, I caved, it’s catchy, what can I say? I love how Kesha’s voice sounds exactly like Katy Perry, maybe they’re using the same autotune effect?

mc1Bliss – Mariah Carey [Download]
Her high notes in the background are to die for, get it!

sadeI Couldn’t Love You More – Sade [Download]
Very smooth, very slick, very relaxing, very Sade.

jhudPocketbook (Feat. Ludacris) – Jennifer Hudson [Download]
“GIVE IT TO ME”, infectious is what I would say.

randyWhat Am I So Afraid Of? (Feat. Trisha, Keke and Kiley) – Randy Jackson [Download]
This is the female version of One Republic’s “Apologize”, it’s in the same vein as that, great song!

jaguarPlay The Field – Jaguar Wright [Download]
The list started on a high-note, and that’s how it’s gonna end. Discover a new artist if you’ve never heard of her, her voice is crazy.


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yes yes yes !! yes ! and another yes !! 4 min il artists ily you mentioned are hawwwwt !!

isalmik la itkhalienee ahifik ib my pocket book !

Comment by Abdullah

LOOOOL @ Abdullah !! ;p

Flo Rida’s song is soo catchy ur right!! And its nice too!
Bliss mo lazim i comment 3alaih cuz my love for Mariah is undescribable!
and Pocketbook is such a fun song!! :)

Comment by Milfa3

This is the female version of One Republic’s “Apologize”, it’s in the same vein as that, great song!

خل تولي هذي

ماكو عليه اللي غناها
بس لمن دش وياه Timbaland

الحريم لازم يوخرون عن أغاني الرياييل

Comment by Momentum

[…] Musical Gems. […]

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