Spotlight: Ahlam’s “Hatha Ana”
March 18, 2009, 22:12
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01jpg1Ahlam, the gulf’s biggest female star has just released her new album, “Hatha Ana” (This Is Me), today in Kuwait. I have heard it, and can confirm that it’s better than her last two (shitty) albums. She’s trying a lot of new things in the album, all of which result in a surprisingly good tunes. This is an album for the fans, and non-fans alike. Make sure to get out and buy it.


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where can i download this album? she’s my favourite khaliji album!

Comment by gritchy1986 has it I think.. but buy it, it’s worth it!

Comment by Fahad

do you have the backcover where i can see the songtitels?

Comment by gritchy1986

Gritchy: I’ll look for it.

Sunshine: Lol, that’s Ahlam for you. At least the content of the album is good!

Comment by Fahad

It’s 2009, is she seriously still crimping her hair?

Comment by Sunshine

After months of waiting!!!
LOVE THE ALBUM and everything about it!!!

Plus her two previous albums were shitty!! Your TOO harsh! :x

Comment by Milfa3

Milfa3: Yes they were shitty, at least the one before this was, and the one before that was below average, only two or three songs to salvage it.

Comment by Fahad


Comment by Abdullah

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