Guess Who
March 16, 2009, 02:44
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guesswhoanswered revealed tomorrow at midnight.


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باميلا أندرسون؟

كريستينا أجيوليرا؟

أم السعف والليف؟

Comment by Momentum

Bachir ebayin :p

Comment by Fahad

ALLA Guess Who again!! Hmmm this time its hard…is it Taylor Swift? Or Gwen Stefani?

Comment by Milfa3

bachir we’ll see :p

Comment by Fahad

Just plain ugly!!!!! looool

Comment by Marzouq

Loool that’s what I was aiming for :p

Comment by Fahad

أي والله شكلها تايلور سويفت! هذا شعرها

أنا أستوعبت لأنه عندي صورتها ونفس الشعر.. هالتسريحة البايتة
شخباري حدها عتيجه

لا اللي يبط جبدي اكثر منها زوجة Peter andre

شيييفه ما اتخيل شكلها اشيف يعني لو انت مسوي فوتوشوب فيها نفس هالصورة لوووول

Comment by Momentum

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL tasree7a bayta :p ilyoum bilail ebayin mino!!

Comment by Fahad

Miss Piggy from the Muppet show trying to pull it off as Jessica Simpson.

Comment by L.R.643

That’s the best description I heard about this ugly piece :p

Comment by Fahad

lool 3ala comment momentum , om elsa3af welif :P YOU ROCK MOMENTUM!!

i was going to guess nicole kidmen , but after reading milfa3’s comment i guess taylor

momentum waid your pic elawelya hathech a7la!!!

Comment by 3amoor Q

Ilyoum kilshay ebayin!

Comment by Fahad


Comment by 3amoor Q

Lil Kim lol.

Comment by Sal


خلاص نغيرها
whatever 3amoor says ;)

Comment by Momentum

3ashat momentum ya afthal commenter in the whole world

a9lan hathy elpic represents you

Comment by 3amoor Q


Comment by Momentum

Geri Halliwell? or Taylor Swift?

Comment by Abdullah

LOOL il hailgy!! Geri Halliwell never had really blond long hair!!!!!

Comment by Milfa3

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