Girls Aloud’s EPIC performance of “Untouchable”
March 16, 2009, 03:08
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Their first performance of their 21st single Untouchable on “Dancing On Ice”, their intro was perfect for the song, couldn’t ask for a better entrance. Untouchable is the group’s masterpiece that was 7 minutes long, but of course there had to be a radio edit, lo and behold, the radio edit was unveiled three days ago, obviously it has nothing on the album version, but it’s a good to-the-point edit, I could’ve done without the vocoder though. Check their performance, and the amazing ice skating happening all the while.


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and the amazing ice skating happening all the while.


ذكروني بأيام الحواجب المربطة لمن كنت مراهقة وأروح سكيتينج

قلبي يعورني جذي
لازم أروح سكيتينج بس ما أعرف أتزلج.. شكلي عن خاطري بشتري لي بو أربع تواير لأنه هم اللي خط واحد مادري شسمه صعب

ما أبي أنفلع كافي تسكرب

Comment by Momentum

3indina w 3indich khair, 7ita ana ma3arif bs aroo7 chethy show :p ee bo arba3 illy il break mala jidam, yimdi7oona :p

Comment by Fahad

وأنا أفضل PCD
عليهم ;)

Comment by Momentum

Wayid a7ib PCD, bs a7ib illy yayeen min il UK akthar, Girls Aloud/Sugababes :p

Comment by Fahad

Just not my type of song.. I think I had a bit of a pop phase which I wouldn’t want to admit but that has long passed! lol

Comment by Marzouq

I had hard time processing that song, but when I did, it stuck lol

Comment by Fahad

i love british bands
and i tried to love them but i just couldnt

Comment by faisal

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