nuLike: Must Be Love (Feat. Diddy) – Cassie
March 15, 2009, 09:12
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cassie-must-be-love-fanmade-single-cover-made-by-bonezz805Who knew Cassie had this in her, the song is very current, very clean, very simple. I was anticipated a club banger to serve as her first single, but was surprised when I heard it and it turned out to be a beautifully produced, structured and sung soulful/piano-driven tune. I have to admit that Cassie took me by a total surprise, well done Diddy, or is it Puff Daddy now? Anywho, you’re doing the right thing. Now all I want is a version without Diddy not only rapping, but breathing on it.

Must Be Love (Feat. Diddy) – Cassie [Download]


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hell yes i was listening to this today and thinking of its greatness

Comment by Mohd

It really is great, totally didn’t expect this from her!

Comment by Fahad

ما أحبها بس Piff Paff

أحلى إغنية عنده The Future

Comment by Momentum

PIFF PAFF!!!!! LOOOOL, you ultimately win!

Comment by Fahad

والله كل ساعة يغير إسمه ذبحنا
ما ندري شنو إنسميه فا أنا قررت إني أسميه بيف باف

(لا تنسى بعد لإن ويهه جنه زهيوي عملاق)

Comment by Momentum

Ana bhathy owaafiq 100000%!!!!

Comment by Fahad

[…] This is what im jamming to now, yesterday and the day before so thank you FAHAD. […]

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this is hottness right here, u kno this is a hit right here

Comment by Guest

this song is hot!!!

Comment by MR

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