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March 13, 2009, 09:29
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janetSong: I Get Lonely
Artist: Janet Jackson
Album: Velvet Rope
In short: One of my all-time favorite Janet ballads, I really wonder what happened to those send-shiver-down-your-spine ballads, they were classy, unlike her more recent stuff, Never Letchu Go, Greatest X..etc. The only good recent ballad of hers is Can’t B Good, and it’s not even as good as her older ones, it’s a shame she won’t ever top her older self! Enjoy the song, and keep blasting it out all day.

I Get Lonely – Janet Jackson [Download]


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Why are u always soo negative! Thats what i hate!! You always say they’ll NEVER do anythng better like they did before, even with a7lam and her new album! Its just like u WANT it to be bad!!! BE POSITIVE!!

Comment by Milfa3

el remixes r even better especially the deeper mix with it’s own music vid

Comment by Mohd

Isn’t that “Together Again”?

Comment by Fahad

Classic Album. Classic Song. She’s back w/ Jam & Lewis. We’ll be getting more Gems. They know where the cards lie and what it’s going to take to get her back on point sonically & conceptually.

Comment by Gonzo

I hope the fruition of their work will be much more better than their work on Damita/20YO, I mean they got her to her heights, and lows.

Comment by Fahad


taken from ” Miss Jackson By Outkast “

Comment by Abdullah

We all love her!

Comment by Fahad

i meant the TNT remix with NO vid!

Comment by Mohd

في إغنية اللي تصويرها تاخذ شي من الثلاجه
كانت ساوند ترااك فيلم مادري شسمها؟؟

ملاحظ ما طرى على بالي شي من الاغنية الا الثلاجه؟

Comment by Momentum

de3ayat Pepsi? willa Car Wash??

mathkir thalaja :/

Comment by Fahad

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