Apparel: Kanye’s Pricey Ugliness
March 13, 2009, 08:58
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adj. ug·li·er, ug·li·est
1. Displeasing to the eye; unsightly.

In other words, Kanye’s new LV shoe line. Apparently Ugliness comes with a price, check out the images below with the prices.

2uj1ddxjpgUgly shoe #1 – $870

10ftglzjpgUgly shoe #2 – $870

156z3tyjpgUgly shoe #3 – $870

Ugly-but-kinda-ok shoe #4 – $870

Fugly shoe #5 – $960

Fugly shoe #6 – $990

Fugly shoe #7 – $990

Fugly shoe #8 – $1140


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Some of them are actually quite nice!! I like the red one and the last one!! I hope they bring them to Kuwait!!

Comment by Milfa3

i swear i wouldnt buy any of them for even $1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are just hideous!

Comment by G

Eee wallah fugly!

Comment by Abdullah

#5 is just FABULOUS

Comment by Z

أنا كتبت كومينت بس انمسح ذاك اليوم

قلت إنه خل يوووووووووووووووووولي
وايد شايف نفسه ومو مصدق يبط الجبد

شكلهم جنهم cheap knock-offs
ملوت LV

Comment by Momentum

3ad a7ib his first three albums, il akheer kan 3abara 3an ZBALA.

Comment by Fahad

أنا أحب إغنية وحده بس حقه
Gold Digger

هذا أول ألبوم صح؟

خل يولي الحين المفروض محد يسوي سي ديز لأنه طلع اللآي بود و خبص الدنيا

Comment by Momentum

Laaa hatha il thanee :p awal album manshahar wayid bs WAYID 7ilo!!! Alakheer illy gam yghanee fee ohwa lizbala!

Comment by Fahad

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