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March 12, 2009, 12:01
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Song: Imagination (Crown Royal Suit)
Artist: Jill Scott
Album: The Real Thing – Words and Sounds, Vol.3
In short: This is a bonus track, it’s 6 minutes long. It’s a combination of two songs, the first “Imagination” which runs until the 4:00 mark, then the second part is an interlude already found on the album “Crown Royal”, one of my all-time fave interludes, the way each lyric is sung, it delivers the message CLEARLY.

Imagination (Crown Royal Suit) – Jill Scott [Download]


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why do this to me ? LOVE IT !

Comment by Abdullah

7beebi you know if it wasn’t for you, Jill Scott would be nothing but “That poor woman who was with Janet in Why Did I Get Married?” So, I hereby thank you from the bottom of my Jill-loving heart!

Comment by Fahad

الاغنية 6 دقايق؟


احس 3 دقايق بس اهيا تقول Yo…Yo… Yo…

Comment by Momentum

La la la, it’s two songs ma3a ba3ath, akhir shay ilighniya t9eer min ilsir w nazil shway..

Comment by Fahad

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