Gadgets: The new 4GB, mighty tiny, iPod Shuffle
March 11, 2009, 20:30
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ipodFor as little as $79.00 you can get a surprisingly small, surpassingly capacitive new iPod. Introducing the new iPod Shuffle, with the tagline “Its size will leave you speechless, good thing it also talks”. It has the new VoiceOver feature, which lets you know the name of the song and the artist performing it with a press of a button. The ipod comes with no buttons of the device itself, but on the newly made earphones, with controlling features. It’s small in size, big in storage, and very cheap. I see no reason why one shouldn’t by one for each playlist in their iTunes.


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أنا بقاطع بوالتفاحه

ليش؟؟ لأنهم كل ما نشتري آي بود ولا شي منهم
بعد جم اسبوع طلعو لنا شي يديد

ما صارت جذي!!

يبطون الجبد آي بوداتهم جنهم بوكيمونات كل ساعة طالع لك واحد يديد ;/

Comment by Momentum

Ana hal comment il9ara7a ohwa illy khalanee a9a79i7 min noumti LOOOOL!!!

Comment by Fahad

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