Cakes Vol.1
March 3, 2009, 14:10
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2wdvza9jpgMiley Cyrus gone wrong

mulan-01jpgThis looks more like a painting than a cake, pretty.

theme_birthday_cake_01jpgGeeky cake, LOTR obviously.

9k34v7jpgTori, is that you?

k51klfjpgFor the “Twilighters”, I really really like the second one, in case you didn’t figure it out, it has the “items/pictures” found on the cover of each book.

coolest-belle-cake-11-35283jpgPretty Belle.

creative_cakes_02jpgFollow the rainbow to a pot o’ gold.

family-guy-picture-02jpgfamily-guy-picture-03jpg This is what I want for my birthday, except Vanilla instead of chocolate, thanks.

2iuqrvbjpg1The Jonas Brothers approve of this post.

1zya5asjpg1This is perfect minus the stupid writing, I want to do it for a friend, you know who you are.


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the cake with the chess thing is i think inspired by “breaking dawn” not twilight

Comment by Mohd

he said the cover of each book, meaning the twilight series. not just the actual twilight book. therefor, he’s correct. don’t correct him. i don’t even like twilight D: but it’s a creative cake nonetheless.

Comment by savannah

LOOL!! I like ily 3ala Belle and Beyonce! ;p

Comment by Milfa3

Lol my next Birthday cake ;p

Comment by Abdullah Al Essa

The author of Twilight is Stephanie Meyer, not Stephanie Williams.

Comment by Kendall

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