Safari 4 beta released
February 25, 2009, 22:29
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Props to Apple for creating the most efficient, and well-designed web browser. It still has some glitches here and there, but all in all, the official non-beta version should be nothing short of perfection. You can get your fix by heading over to Apple’s website and downloading it for free for both Mac and Windows users. Enjoy, and have a good night.


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reasons why you shouldn’t download it:
1-shuts down unexpectedly at least 2 times a day
2-doesn’t support sites like hotmail, i.e, if i want to mange my emails (forwarding ,deleting ) i cant
3-slow!!!!!! it needs more time to load a page

just dont download it ,you will regret it , i know i do

Comment by 3amoor

I have been using it ever since it came out, it never shut unexpectedly, and about hotmail, I wouldn’t know, I use Mail to manage my emails, it has been running smoothly with me, with silly glitches here and there, but nothing to worry about, or big enough for me not to enjoy the other features.

Comment by Fahad

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