Gadgets: Amazon Kindle 2 launching Feb. 9th
February 8, 2009, 01:56
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That is tomorrow guys, Amazon will launch the next installment of the highly successful Kindle line, after the original being named Oprah’s favorite gadget of the year, it sold out on and a successor was inevitable. The new Kindle is much sleeker, slimmer, prettier and costlier than the original. It also has speakers at the back, which I’m guessing for audiobooks? All in all, it’s the perfect gift for book lovers.




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ifhaid !! this is it for me !! i love it !! love it love it i tell ya !!

just imagine, what i would do!

Comment by 3BaiiiiD

oh oh oh and oprah speaks a word, the next moment its in my hands. yipeee !!!

Comment by Abdullah

Not available in Kuwait. BOO :(

Comment by N

it’s easy to imagine the Kindle being combined with the functionality of a cell phone, PDA and mp3 player to make an all-in-one gadget

Comment by Joe

Then all the other non all-in-one gadgets wouldn’t sell.

Comment by fhaid

يبط الجبد مايصير نشتري كتب من أمريكا

وأحس الخط صغير أنا بروحني عيوني تزغلل
تهقه يبيلي نظارة قاع بو بطل؟ ;/

كبرنا والكبر شين

Comment by Momentum

You can change the font size!! Bs wayid 3abala, madri, my friend has it, w ygool ilregistration wayid 7osa..etc.

Comment by Fahad

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

Comment by namaste poster

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