Review: It’s Not Me, It’s You – Lily Allen
February 6, 2009, 04:41
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Topping a best-selling debut album is one of the hardest things in the music industry, thus, many suffer the so-called “Sophomoric Slump”, but Lily has successfully managed to avoid just that. Not only is her new album far more superior to her debut album Alright, Still, it’s a masterpiece. While her first focused more on the Mark Ronson authentic sound, this leans more towards synths and electronica, the sound has definitely evolved, but not to the point of alienating fans. The lyrics are still witty and quirky. I have uploaded my favorite songs off the album. ‘Not Fair‘ which is surely a future single is quirky song with a catchy melody and memorable chorus that’s bound to have radio stations have it on loop. ‘I Could Say‘ which sounds alot like the version that leaked, is probably the most personal song on the album, think of it as the ‘Littlest Things’ of this album, but drown the latter in ice cold water and you’ll get ‘I Could Say’. ‘Never Gonna Happen‘ is my favorite song, and probably one of the best Lily did, the chorus is one of the most infectious ones I’ve heard in a while, very sing-a-long friendly. ‘Who’d Have Know‘, my second favorite song on the album, is a very relaxed song, and a nice change of pace throughout the album, the line “Even though it’s moving forward, it’s just the right amount of awkward, and today you accidently called me baybay” is my favorite for not reason other than the deliverance of the line. BUY the album, it’s very much worth your money, and alot more. 

Lily Allen:
Not Fair
I Could Say
Never Gonna Happen
Who’d Have Known


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