A Favorite: Makin’ It Last All Night (What It Do) – Mariah Carey
December 27, 2008, 05:06
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emancipationultraplatinumWhat a hefty title. When I first heard this along with Don’t Forget About Us, not knowing that the latter was the single to be taken from the platinum edition, I thought this would be the single taken, but I was wrong, just like I was wrong with Britney’s ‘I Just Begun’/’Do Somethin” and Christina’s “Genie 2.0’/’Dynamite’. I still think that this is much better than ‘Don’t Forget About Us’, even though I love that one, but this song has that sexy Mimi side that I love. Much as I love lovely-dovey Mariah, I ‘d take sexy sultry Mimi over her anytime of the day.

Makin’ It Last All Night (What It Do) – Mariah Carey [Download]


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عاد هذي اللي تبط جبدي صج
صراخها أزيد من كريستينا

شلون تحبونها؟؟؟؟

إهيا سيكسيا ما نقول لأ
بس لو تلبس لبس لايق بعمرها


لبسها كله مقصمل

الحين أنا شفيني شكو لبسها بالسالفه!!
ما أحبها ولازم أطلع فيها عذاريب, هااااا؟

Comment by Momentum

ya7abbich 7ag 3athareeb ilawadim! Libsa kellish mo layig b3omrha I agree, witha kan layig still khwara! Bs aghaneeha 7ilwa, WAYID 7ilwa!

Comment by Fahad

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