Remixtation: Love Rain – Jill Scott
December 25, 2008, 01:00
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The one artist famous for re-singing her remixed singles is Mariah Carey (We Belong Together‘s remix with Jadakiss is perfection), and I personally admire and respect an artist that actually make an effort to please their fans, because everyone loves a re-sung remixed song. One of Jill Scott‘s best songs in her whole career gets that treatment, and gets it well. The ‘Head Nod Remix‘ adds so much to the song, it is not better than the original, but it’s a lovely change if you ever get bored of the original. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

Love Rain (Head Nod Remix) (Feat. Mos Def) – Jill Scott [Download]


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ما أصدق!!!

ورتنا ويهها

كل مرة بس تعطيها shoulder-portrait

بس هم الجتف مرتز شوي بس عادي

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